Casa Bermejo offers you a holiday home or a home-office of unparalleled privacy and enrichment. Most of the craft materials, furniture, kitchen appliances and lighting concepts are unique and largely bespoke to our vision. The library is stocked with hundreds of books in the areas of art, architecture and literature. Many unique art objects can be found decorating the house.

While rather inconspicuous on the outside, one of the most beautiful holiday homes awaits you inside. Much emphasis is put on a green footprint, as all electricity is generated with sun and wind energy, and the rainwater is collected in 2 large “aljibes”. A solar-powered hot air system heats up the house during wintertime. All used building materials are allergy-friendly and free of harmful substances. No pesticides are used in the garden.

Much emphasis is placed on the food and drinking culture. There is a large selection of Spanish wine and cava in the house, the bar is well stocked and special food wishes can be met.

Casa Bermejo offers you the opportunity to rent and enjoy the perfect combination of art, culture and luxury for a few days.